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Canada's Wetlands & Our Macoun Design
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Did you know that wetlands play a critical role in maintaining balance in nature? About 13% of Canada consists of bogs, marshes and swamps which not only buffer the effects of floods and act as filters for toxic substances, but support an enormous variety of insect, aquatic and terrestrial species. And, if that is not reason enough to inspire us to protect our wetlands, Ducks Unlimited has estimated that a combined total of $25 billion dollars annually is saved by the ability of wetlands to mitigate the effects of floods and rising sea levels and generated by tourism and other recreational... Read More
Mnjikaning Fish Weirs
Explorken Blog - #2
There are a lot of ways to catch fish but certainly one of the most productive are weirs. A weir is a fence or wall-like structure of timber or stone that is built to direct the movement of fish and confine them so that they may be harvested en masse with nets, traps and/or spears. Evidence of weirs dating back many thousands of years have been found throughout Canada. Although the concept behind the construction of all weirs is the same, each is unique as it must be adapted to local conditions; for example, some weirs are built in or below rapids, while others are associated with estuaries... Read More