Our Mission

Canadians and visitors to Canada alike love to learn about the stories of Canada and its people. Like the teenaged sisters who bravely foiled the plans of rebels during the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837. Or the secret camp where spies were trained in World War II. Or the innovative builders of a structure as old as the Giza pyramids. In Canada, history is all around us (about 20,000+ years of it!) but it is not always seen to be so. A remarkable exception is a southern Ontario tourist venue that brilliantly draws architectural and décor inspiration from one of Canada's oldest known archaeological sites located nearby. Every year, thousands of visitors to this venue appreciate its beauty, the entertainment it provides and the unique experience it offers. They just can't take home a souvenir to remind them of that because the gift shop(s) only sell the same old items you can find pretty much everywhere. Our mission is to help change all of that and offer unique Canadian souvenirs, gifts and décor that celebrate the stories of those who have traversed this land we call Canada before us. And with professional expertise in Canadian history and archaeology, we know just the stories to tell! Our designs tell a story: Canada’s story. Come along and explore with us!